Inavation Awards 2021: Business Awards to recognise effective commercial strategies

Inavation Awards 2021: Business Awards to recognise effective commercial strategies
Business categories will return to the Inavation Awards line up for a second year and now anyone can enter.

Last year we launched a range of Business Awards to recognise outstanding achievement in aspects of a manufacturer’s business vital to company’s success. The Business Awards went down a storm and they’re back for 2021 with a difference. This time they’re open to any company that works in AV.

Companies can enter a range of categories listed below. 

Entries must detail initiatives launched or developed between October 1, 2019 and October 1, 2020.

Categories open for Entry September 1, 2020 and close October 5, 2020

The categories:

AV-as-a-Service Award
To be eligible for this award you must demonstrate a recurring revenue model for selling software, products or services. Judges will be looking for imaginative ways in which companies have successfully monetised their offering with subscription-based payments. Particular attention will be paid to approaches that access a client's OPEX and benefit both the entrant's revenue as well as their customers' business operations.

Best Client Support
Judges will be looking for evidence that companies have gone above and beyond in support for their clients. Initiatives could include training, assistance with sales and system design, predictive maintenance and system monitoring, accessible help desk support and a hands-on approach to troubleshooting.

Best Marketing Campaign
When marketing technology-based products and services it is essential to convey complex functions in simple and effective ways. Judges will be looking for campaigns that effectively highlight USPs of new technology or a company's services with creative and engaging approaches.

Best New Company
Judges will be interested in not just what the company offers, but the approach to getting it off the ground. From the idea that got you started, to rounding up investment, launching and staying in the market; we'd like to know the whole story.
Eligible companies must have launched after January 1, 2017.

Best Place to Work
Every good enterprise knows that success begins with staff and being a good employer will give a company an edge over its competition. What does your company do to attract, retain, reward and motivate its employees?
Best R&D
Research and development is the engine of any technology company. We are interested in how your company identifies future needs to develop products that push this industry forward. We want to know examples of creativity, innovation and disruption within your R&D strategy.

Best Sales Team
Good sales teams are supportive and thoughtful. How does your sales department pinpoint customers that will truly benefit from the technologies and services they are selling and advise them in ensuring successful outcomes?

Business Growth Award
We are looking for examples of sustainable and intelligent growth strategies. It can be organic, or by acquisition. Submissions detailing expansion that is geographic, extends a product/service portfolio or grows turnover or profit will all be accepted.
Corporate Social Responsibility Award
Does your corporation have a conscience? Let us know how you are going beyond compliance and the law to help make the world a better place. For a successful entry, it's important we know the impact of schemes, initiatives and funds donated.
This award has never been more relevant in a year when Covid-19 has turned the business landscape on its head. If you've worked to support any portion of the AV industry in troubling times then let us know.

Sustainability Award
How are you considering sustainability? We are looking for product or system design that contributes to lowering energy consumption or waste as well as ways in which a company is ensuring it minimises its own environmental impact.

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