Inavate's Simon Nana to cut off dreadlocks for charity

Simon Nana, sales manager for Hiddenwires & Inavate EMEA's territory manager is to cut off his dreadlocks to raise money for a children's charity.

(pictured above: Simon with daughter Molly)

Nana's daughter Molly was recently admitted to the Evelina London Children's Hospital and diagnosed with Paediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome temporarily associated with Covid-19. (PIMS-TS).

Most children are asymptomatic or exhibit mild symptoms from Covid-19 infection. However, recently a small number of children have been identified who develop a significant systemic inflammatory response. Inflammation is a normal response of the body’s immune system to fight infection. But sometimes the immune system can go into overdrive and begin to attack the body. If this happens, it is important that children receive urgent medical attention.  

"I just remember it started with my head hurting like someone was hitting it with a brick. I felt so sick!" said Molly. "We went to the hospital and I was admitted to the children's ward, where I continued to get worse over the next nine days, even though the doctors and nurses were doing everything to help me. I was very frightened and just wanted to be better and at home with my family. Then my chest started hurting so much I couldn't breath. I thought I was going to die . That's when the Evelina PICU recovery team arrived and started saving my life. I was rushed to the Evelina in London where the PICU team diagnosed and treated me for PIMS-TS.

"For 15 years my Dad has been growing his dreadlocks and I have convinced him to cut them off to raise money for the Evelina London's PICU ward charity. They saved my life and continue to help and save many other children, so this is our opportunity to give something back."

You can donate to their JustGiving page by clicking here

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