InAVate joins forces with Worktech to explore future workspaces

InAVate joins forces with Worktech to explore future workspaces
Worktech has partnered with InAVate to explore and promote intelligent workspace design through its 2015-16 event series.

As media partner to the conference series InAVate will support the events - which focus on implications of convergence between technology, real estate, work and the workplace - with its expertise in AV technology and integration.

In a statement the conference organiser said: “Thanks to the InAVate team for helping us to continue to create events which stimulate new ideas and thinking around innovation and the future of work and the workplace.”

The changing face of the workplace and work practices, and the subsequent impact on AV technologies, is a core part of InAVate’s editorial focus in both the EMEA and APAC regions.

“This is an area that is changing more rapidly than any other sector of the industry,” said Anna Mitchell, group editor of InAVate. “It’s essential that our readers understand how workplace environments are evolving and how the influence of new technologies and the changing needs of the next generation of employees, managers and business owners will affect them. There is a huge opportunity for AV system designers, installers and managers to be a big part of this.”

Dan Jago, founder of InAVate, said: “From its foundation ten years ago InAVate has always looked outside traditional industry events to ensure we understand key external influences. The AV industry must consider its relationship with not just IT, but architecture, facilities management and HR.

“Worktech events bring in leading partners to help make sense of the multifaceted stakeholders involved in designing workplaces. Partnering with this forward thinking event series is a key part of our drive to make sure we deliver new and relevant ideas to our readers that will help them position their businesses for success in many years to come.”

An upcoming Worktech events calendar can be found at

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