In-store device tracks emotional reactions to products

In-store device tracks emotional reactions to products
Cloverleaf, a retail technology company, has announced shelfPoint, a product for the store shelf with built-in emotional artificial intelligence capabilities. With shelfPoint, brands and retailers can now capture customer engagement and sentiment data at the moment of purchase decision — something previously unavailable in physical retail stores.

"Online retail has demonstrated how powerful data insights can be," said Gordon Davidson, founder and CEO of Cloverleaf. "We’ve designed a solution to help retailers capture this level of data by attracting, engaging and converting customers in one of the most underutilized yet powerful areas in the store: the shelf. Early pilots have already shown double-digit sales uplift and we’re excited to roll it out to retailers nationwide."

Using its strategic partnership with Affectiva, shelfPoint classifies shopper’s facial expressions and overall sentiment without storing personal information or images. Categories include: 'joy,' 'sadness,' 'anger,' 'fear' or 'surprise.'

Equipped with optical sensors, shelfPoint uses Affectiva technology to gather anonymous shopper demographic data including age, gender and major ethnic group.

Featuring HD LCD strips across the entire shelf, shelfPoint displays miniaturised visual marketing campaigns to attract, engage and entice shoppers based on the shopper’s level of engagement and distance.

Later this year, shelfPoint will introduce new features that provide brands and retailers live shelf information.

Roger Kay, founder and president of Endpoint Technologies Associates said, "Many companies have tried to address this critical moment with beacons, electronic shelf tags, and cameras, but these technologies have been inadequate."

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