Immersive Technology Experience Centre harnesses Brompton technology

Immersive Technology Experience Centre harnesses Brompton technology
The Immersive Technology Experience Centre (ITEC) has included Brompton processing technology as a key component with its space.

Opened in April 2024, ITEC is located within London’s science museum, comprising four distinct spaces.

The control room features a Samsung 110-in LED screen, flanked by Recience LED creative light boxes powered by a Brompton Tessera S8 processor, alongside a transparent screen dividing the production control room from the lobby, alongside a d&b Soundscape system.

The main lab includes an XR studio with an LED volume which includes CreateLED 4K LED walls and ROE Visual LED floor, both driven by Brompton Tessera SX40 processors housed within the critical equipment room and connected via fibre to the LED wall in the lab. Brompton Tessera XD 10G data distribution units are also featured in this space.

The facing wall features video projection, as well as a lighting rig and d&b Soundscape spatial audio system to complete the set up.

The testing lab next door features a green screen and the ability to virtually insert people into the LED volume.

The upstairs area features a visualisation studio which boasts 28 d&b loudspeakers to create a three axis, full Soundscape system, along with a 4K LED wall which enables pre-production/visualisation.

A total of four Brompton Tessera SX40s, an S8, and seven XD data distribution units drive the majority of screens at ITEC, which uses an SMPTE 2110 infrastructure video-over-IP protocol that will be supported by Brompton’s upcoming Gen 3 processing products.

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