Immersive sound seminars conducted at Mediagroup Academy, Malaysia

Immersive sound seminars conducted at Mediagroup Academy, Malaysia
Two seminars titled “Immersive Sound: Introduction to Dolby Technologies” and “Revive the Concert: 5.1 Surround Sound Production” were conducted by by Jean-Paul Moerman at the Mediagroup Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A combined audience of 30 attended the sessions to learn about current technology offerings, planning 5.1 productions, improving in-house workflow and devising strategies for leveraging the production content at hand for effective 5.1 productions.

Jean-Paul Moerman, a broadcast specialist and consultant touched on the topics of surround production chain, the recommended configuration of a surround control room as well as system engineering aspects for the on-air and streaming delivery of content in the Dolby E and Dolby Digital formats.

Geared towards a production audience the seminars also covered dealing with production artefacts and contingency planning. Moerman illustrated his various points with numerous AV clips and case studies of music talent shows and sports programs produced in 5.1 to demonstrate the importance of a thorough strategy.

John Anthony, an AV systems engineer, said: “As Malaysia moves towards full digitalization and multi-channel audio, the Mediagroup Academy training was apt and timely. It has provided me with a deep insight of multi-channel audio mixing and distribution. I reckon it has also bridged the gap as far as knowledge and technology is concerned to all participants.”

Advon Tan, managing director of Salzbrenner Stagetec Asia, said: “The Mediagroup Academy was set up with the intention to enhance skills and knowledge in this part of the world. As the first fully equipped Dolby 5.1 surround training facility in Malaysia, our new venue proved the perfect location for this event. From what I hear, broadcasters and production houses are now eager to implement what they have learned over the past few days.”

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