Immersive cocoon for virtual, interactive world

Immersive cocoon for virtual, interactive world
NAU, an advertising and design firm based in Zurich, has unveiled an immersive display concept that surrounds users with a 3D navigable space for videoconferencing, gaming or education applications. The company says the four metre diameter carbon fibre sphere would use motion sensing software to provide a virtual interactive space.

The cocoon includes a display dome and a motion-sensitive floor plate. Server racks are concealed within the bottom of the dome and the company has ensured the concept includes a cooling system vent and air conditioning.

NAU says cocoons could be leased privately or “used as 21st century telephone booths”.

Outlining educational uses, NAU offers examples of touring a recreated Pompeii, sunken Egyptian tombs or floating under the ocean with jellyfish.

“A virtual trainer can monitor your progress using the tracking cameras to evaluate leg, arm and torso positions, and give you encouragement or correct your form,” the company adds.

Immersive Cocoon "2011" from adNAU on Vimeo.

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