Imago signs Luidia for UK

Imago Group has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Luidia, creator of eBeam technology, that covers the UK market.

The companies will target business and education sectors with eBeam software. EBeam Edge Projection, combined with a projector, transforms flat surfaces into collaborative display areas, with the ability to turn content into a digital file, which can be saved and shared.

Ian Vickerage, managing director of Imago Group, said: "There are a myriad of applications for eBeam technology in the business sector and we expect it to put whiteboard-style technology on the business map in a way that traditional whiteboards have failed to do so far.

"However, one of the greatest advantages is its price, and in a cash-strapped education market, this makes it a very welcome addition to our current portfolio. There is a real opportunity here for resellers who are looking to provide customers with technology that can replace their broken whiteboards at a fraction of the cost, or make fresh use of existing whiteboards to improve communication and collaboration between teachers and students."