IHSE controls Han Show Theatre

IHSE controls Han Show Theatre
The Han Show Theatre aims to bring the audience a sensory experience across three levels of performance: aerial, aquatic and immersive stage. For this purpose the venue houses 2000 moving, variable geometry seats and a huge stage pool.

Engineering Services was tasked with delivering equipment to allow operators control. The integrator delivered a system that allows operators to access the equipment located in a central equipment room from their personal workstations.

As several banks of video recorders, digital signage servers and video servers are present on site the interconnection had to have a suitable bandwidth in order to provide artifact free connectivity. Solutions from IHSE were chosen for the job.

A 48-port Draco tera switch supports multiple audio visual inputs. The signals are distributed to 22 workstations across a multi-mode fibre network. Each port can be configured as an input or output using the inherent Flex-Port dynamic configuration technology.

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