IBM billboard gets smart, matches your clothes - Video

AUTHOR: Inavate

Computer giant IBM is running a new marketing and technology campaign it has dubbed “Smarter Planet”. The campaign focuses on three “Big Ideas” Instrument the world’s systems, Interconnect them, Make them intelligent. As part of the retail section of the campaign, IBM has developed a futuristic, digital Interactive bill board that changes its colour, depending on the subject present before it.

This means, if one is dressed in an orange outfit, the colour of the digital bill board will automatically and appropriately change to orange, and the same for green, blue, black, red and the rest others. Wonder, if it can actually recognise a mixed-colour patter and imitate the same on the screen. This interactive display uses a camera and sensors to dynamically change its colour, which is generated by a cluster of LEDs, attracting the attention of passers by. Whilst it’s a pretty clever concept, there’s no real indication that IBM intends to enter the DOOH market. The idea is more to highlight the other technology offerings the company has for the retail industry, such as inventory management and transaction software solutions.

Color Sensitive Interactive Billboard from milton cj on Vimeo.