Hyundai commissions video sculpture for 24m wide videowall

Hyundai Motors has commissioned creative studio, Universal Everything to develop a series of 18 video sculptures for its 24m x 3.6m videowall that dominates the Hyundai Vision Hall in South Korea. The studio has released a film of 'Made by Humans', the first sculpture in the series. The sculpture, designed by Universal Everything's Matt Pyke, combines motion captured choreographed movement with CGI Kinect graphics.

The graceful lines of Pyke’s creation flow across the 873m² screen surface in 16k resolution and supported by 36 channel Iosono surround sound.

It’s not the first time the automotive manufacturer has been involved in creative endeavours. It recently unveiled Hyper-Matrix, three walls made up of cubes that use stepper motors to move forward and back. The installation is impressive on its own but, combined with projection, the artistic possibilities are endless.