Huge transparent LED screen switches on for the New Year

Huge transparent LED screen switches on for the New Year
An arts centre in Canada will turn on what is being tipped as the largest transparent OLED display in North America on January 31, 2017.

The Kipnes Lantern, created in a partnership with the Moment Factory, forms part of the façade of the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and will be lit at 8:45pm on New Year’s Eve. 

It is formed from transparent LED screens, designed and supplied by ClearLED, integrated on four sides of a 15m high glass tower. The screens offer up to 93% transparency. 

When the high definition videowall is switched off, the Lantern’s interior is visible. ClearLED also supplied smaller fin screens along another façade of the building.

On the National Arts Centre website, Sakchin Bessette, co-founder of the Moment Factory, said: “The Lantern reflects the NAC itself–as a portal through which Canadians can share their culture and innovation with each other and the world. It's an exciting start to the next 150 years of Canadian storytelling.”

The tower is part of a $225 million (approximately €150 million) overhaul by Diamond Schmitt Architects.

In a press release, Donald Schmitt, principle at Diamond Schmitt Architects, said: “The unique see-through technology of the screen complements the transparency established in the new public wings that enwrap the NAC and provide connection with downtown Ottawa and outstanding views of nearby landmarks.” 

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