Huddly acquires Epigram assets

Huddly acquires Epigram assets
The Norwegian vision technology company acquired the assets, IP and employees of Norwegian start-up Epigram.

Speaking to InAVate, Vegard Hammer, vice president of engineering, said: “We’ve been working with Epigram for half a year now and they’ve been working as consultants, helping us enhance our AI capabilities. With us now having recently launched our new intelligent collaboration camera, Huddly IQ, we know that this is the right time to double down on artificial intelligence and machine learning as now we have the platform on which we can do this."

"We’re really stepping up to become a full artificial intelligence company - that’s what we’ve been aspiring to the whole time.”

He added “now is the time for us to start the refinement of our artificial intelligence model, that’s the basis of our Huddly genius insights platform.”

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The genius insights platform, includes Huddly’s existing ‘genius framing’ feature, which detects and frames people in a meeting space as well as insights API, which will form the basis for a developer community - where integrators will be able to ‘programmatically hack into the knowledge of the camera’, providing an interface that can be used to monitor information (such as how many meeting rooms are being used) in real time.

Epigram’s employees will now be joining Huddly’s team in Oslo. Hammer said: “That’s an additional eight [staff members] in artificial intelligence. The engineering team is now at 36 people.”

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