HP gives E-Paper some colour

HP gives E-Paper some colour
A technical report, released from HP Information Surfaces Laboratories, has sparked wide-ranging speculation on impending mass-production of full-colour E-paper displays. Numerous companies have embarked on the challenge with varying levels of success but, as yet, no product has successfully been brought to market. Gary Gibson, a researcher at the lab, unveils technology developments that bolster colour performance of simple reflective displays.

The paper, written by Gibson and colleagues Xia Sheng, Pramit Manna and Dick Henze, is titled ‘Luminescent Enhancement of Reflective Displays’ and will be published and presented at IEEE Photonics 2010 in Denver, Colorado. The paper aims to demonstrate the potential for photoluminescence to enhance the colour performance of simple reflective displays. The development is based on electrophoretic or dichroic guest-host technologies.

Colour E-Paper opens up the technology to advertising revenue and interactive products.

Gibson’s team set out its investigations into methods for harvesting absorbed light, which is otherwise wasted by converting it to the desired wavelengths via photoluminescence.

The paper concludes: “We are developing lightfast, ink-jettable red and green-emitting dye/polymer combinations capable of greatly boosting the brightness and colour saturation of reflective displays.”

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