HP gets patent for see-through screen tech

HP gets patent for see-through screen tech
Hewlett Packard (HP) has taken a major step forward with progression of see-through screen products after it was awarded a US patent for the technology. The product is set to make an impact in automotive, digital signage and desktop display applications with users able to see information on the display and objects behind it. HP has achieved a patent for its specific technology although other display manufacturers, most notably Samsung, have released products in to the market.

Initial reports suggest HP claims to have developed a unique computer screen technology, called the Slat system, and will market the display under the brand ThruScreen.

The company says it using light-reflective slats in between front and back screens to enable light from an image behind the device to come through alongside the images produced on the front screen.

HP filed the patent in 2006 and there are rumours that it plans to couple the developments with flexible display technology, echoing technologies explored in a Samsung demo video that InAVate posted in December 2011.

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