How to bid for £4m of funds explained at conference

How to bid for £4m of funds explained at conference
Smart Building Conference 2013, to be held in London, UK, will feature talks on how to unlock Government funding for smart energy initiatives.

Of the 20 people who will speak at the event, a key highlight is Rick Holland of the Technology Strategy Board. As Lead Technologist at the Board’s Low Impact Buildings Innovation Platform, Rick is charged with launching a competition for £4million of Government funding which is to be allocated to collaborative research into energy-management solutions for existing buildings.

Rick’s SBC session, titled ‘Smart Money for Smart Buildings: The Key to Unlocking Government Funding for Energy Management Initiatives’, will discuss the rationale behind the competition, outline its objectives and give delegates the insights they need to make a successful bid for funding.

“Our competition launches officially on Monday 14 October, the day before the Smart Building Conference, and closes on 27 November,” explains Rick. “The timing of the SBC is therefore perfect – delegates will have plenty of time to table a bid once they have attended the event, thereby maximising their chances of success.
“We see the Smart Building Conference as a perfect launch platform and are looking forward to receiving bid applications from delegate consortia of all kinds – whether manufacturer, distributor, installer, consultant or academic, or a mix of any or all of these.”