How to avoid the old normal in the return to work?

How to avoid the old normal in the return to work?
With VC enablement at the forefront of business’s investment for 2021, this new focus on hybrid teams must not come at the expense of creating collaborative environments. Now is our chance to establish frameworks, collaboration standards and processes in order to maximise our workforces moving forward. Barco talks to Inavate about merging established and new technologies to maximum effect.

We’ve all gotten very used to the Teams landscape over the last 12 months, but things are going to start changing again as we re-enter and re-integrate within our co-working and shared working spaces. We are seeing a surge in ClickShare installations alongside Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) products which has highlighted a new dual purpose and approach in the meeting room.

Adaptability and intuition are two of the most important factors when it comes to the successful integration of a collaboration solution. The Clickshare WPS is, by its very nature, a fundamentally intuitive solution. When combined with MTR solutions, it doesn't really get any simpler than one touch to join, one click to share.

From an integration perspective, when you add this kind of intuitive simplicity into an MTR eco-system the enhancements and efficiencies are immediately evident.

The benefits can be found at the end-user level, naturally. As they reap all the rewards of an agnostic solution within a native ecosystem, these increase even more when you factor in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities.

BYOD will be a huge part of the working landscape from here on in. Within the wrong ecosystem, a BYOD structure can be more hindrance than a help. Bringing a ClickShare solution into your Teams ecosystem takes away all these teething troubles, by adding the capability of true BYOD into a native MTR landscape.

This kind of flexibility, even in the most fixed MTR environments, is 100% what we all want and need. We want our teams to be in a position where they can enter any room, virtual or physical, and be able to intuitively and efficiently interact with and integrate with the technology within that room.

Flexible, hybrid collaboration is undoubtedly the path we are all taking. So over the coming weeks and months, we hope to see the user experience championed in the office as it has been from our homes, with intuitive and simple solutions winning the day as a total transformative moment for our industry.

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