Holus aims for 3D communication

Holus aims for 3D communication
Canadian startup H+ Technology has created a see-through tabletop box that presents a three dimensional digital world that users can be interacted with. Called Holus, the product is expected to add another dimension to videoconferencing, content consumption and even be applied to consumer activities such as gaming.

Holus uses an optical illusion called Pepper’s Ghost, a form of reflection to make hidden objects appear in the space as the viewer. Similar technology was used for the digital projection at Coachella music festival in 2012 and the Billboard Music Awards in 2014 to get Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson respectively to appear on stage and perform.

Holus combines this technique with 3D projection where four images of the same object can be projected onto the walls of a plexiglass prism. Regardless of which side you are viewing this object from, it appears as a single 3D image.

H+ Technology claims that any form of digital content can be fed into Holus from a digital source and the solution will render it into a 3D image. With the further addition of motion tracking, interaction with the image can be achieved.

At present, H+ Technology is developing the product for consumer markets, with special attention being paid to gaming applications. However, as with any promising communication solution, the possibilities for profession AV applications especially in the corporate sector seem promising. More information regarding Holus can be found at its Kickstarter page.

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