’˜Holographic table’ tipped for boardroom applications

’˜Holographic table’ tipped for boardroom applications
An Australian software company has come to market with what it dubs a “multi-user holographic table”.

Euclideon expects to release the product that projects three-dimensional images, visible from different viewing angles around a table, in 2018. 

Users will be required to wear motion trackable glasses to view images created by the table that incorporates Euclideon’s multi projection holographic array. 

The company says that tiny elements of models or graphics displayed by the table can be zoomed in on. Interactivity is also supported with users being able to pick up and move objects as well as prepare presentations to convey and explore data. The table can appear to project images up to 60cm above its surface, or 1m below. 

Euclideon has its sights on a number of professional applications for the table including visualisation of geospatial data, architecture, military and response planning, asset management, mining and artefact study and display.

The company is currently seeking global distributors.