Holographic displays get content boost from Vimeo platform

Holographic displays get content boost from Vimeo platform
The 3D display market is set to receive a boost with the news that professional video platform Vimeo has created a channel specifically for 3D content. The channel will also allow content creators to live stream holograms for the first time using Vimeo Live.

One of the first company's to benefit is the Looking Glass Factory, who teamed up with Vimeo’s Creator Labs to offer Looking Glass owners 3D content through a Vimeo app.

The app will allow creators to record and capture Looking Glass holograms, which will then be able to be uploaded to Vimeo’s servers and streamed to a Looking Glass.

In a blog posted on Vimeo's website, the company says, "The popularity of holograms isn’t new, but the interest to make this technology real has reached critical mass over the past year thanks to rising availability of virtual reality and augmented reality headsets (or VR and AR, respectively). Facebook’s 3D photos announcement and other innovative ideas such as the Looking Glass Factory holographic display are proof that holograms are becoming a real thing, even if they’re still in their infancy.

'To live stream 3D information, we must capture and store that 3D information. At first glance, it looks like a difficult problem, but the solution turns out to be quite simple. If you convert depth data into colour, what you end up with is a representation that looks similar to thermal imaging. Since it’s just colour, we can encode that into a video format."

Vimeo went on to add users will need a Vimeo Live membership to do all this.

you can read the full blog here

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