Hologate raises €8m to expand XR training system globally

Hologate raises €8m to expand XR training system globally
Hologate, a Munich-based VR and immersive media company, has raised €8.3 million in funding to help grow the company’s presence in Europe and North America.

In 2020, Hologate introduced HGXR, a new division focused on enterprise training and simulation systems as it saw an opportunity to use its expertise in both the technical and design developments of XR and expand its product portfolio into the enterprise sector.

It has since supplied systems for organisations like the German Army, police forces, Fraunhofer Institute, and MBDA. 

HGXR recreates hyper-realistic scenarios — such as close quarter battle or police training –  in safe virtual environments, enabling professionals to train any real-life situation including high-risk scenarios and undergo effective learning-by-doing experiences. HGXR’s turnkey solutions transform any room into a dynamic virtual training space, tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

The funding will fuel growth across all divisions encompassing entertainment and enterprise systems. Hologate's aim is to bring its HGXR training and simulation systems to the global market, with a focus on Europe and North America. The funding will also support the development of new products and the realisation of hiring plans to boost the company’s capabilities and expertise. It also plans to use AI to enable realistic and authentic interaction with virtual humans.


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