Hitachi: glasses-free 3D projection by 2012

Hitachi: glasses-free 3D projection by 2012
Hitachi has revealed plans for a glasses free, 3D projection system, says tech-website CrunchGear. According to reports a practical version could be ready in 2012.

Perhaps the most interesting development is the high resolution of the display. CrunchGear says the company has claimed quality comparable to analogue broadcasts.

According to CrunchGear: "The Hitachi system consists of 16 projectors that project images from different angles to a transparent sheet that’s 20 x 23cm in size and consists of 300,000 lenses. 3D images ‘floating’ in front of the sheet are produced by letting the light from projectors pass through the lenses".

The announcement comes amid a flurry of activity in 3D technology development. Many manufacturers are concentrating efforts on the domestic market, announcing production of "3D-TV’s". The Hitachi projection system will be targeted at advertising agencies, museums and medical institutions.

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