Health workers thanked with stunning global light shows ’‹

Health workers thanked with stunning global light shows  ’‹
Countries around the world have been paying tribute to health workers all around the globe, with jaw-dropping lightshows bringing an extra special thank you for the health workers on the frontline of the Covid-19 crisis.

In these dark times, community support, caring and gratitude for those on the front line of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic is, thankfully, all around. In times of crisis, countries around the world are turning to projection mapping, an ‘isolation friendly’ technology to display awing messages of hope and solidarity from a safe distance.

Wuhan wonder - China

In the Chinese city of Wuhan, ground zero for the COVID-19 outbreak, buildings across the city were lit up in an extraordinary display of projection mapping to mark the end of the 11 weeks of lockdown brought by the virus, displaying images of health workers, soldiers and police officers on skyscrapers and other buildings all along the Yangtze river.

Pyramid projection - Egypt 

Famous landmarks are also being used as the canvas for messages of solidarity and gratitude for essential workers all over the world, with the Great Pyramid of Giza lit up with a message of “Stay Safe, thank you to those keeping us safe” alongside images of health workers.


Mountain message - Switzerland 

Over in Switzerland, messages of hope and advice to stay safe have been projected onto the iconic Matterhorn mountain, lit up in the colours of the Swiss flag and displaying the message #hope and #stayhome. The displays currently take place between 0400 and 0600 EST, with a live webcam feed provided to follow the projection live.

Matterhorn - Zermatt Tourismus(Photo credit - Zermatt Tourismus)

Redeemer's recognition - Brazil

To mark Easter Sunday, Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue was illuminated in the appearance of a doctor to thank health workers, displaying messages of thanks in multiple languages and images of health workers. International flags and messages of thanks were also projection mapped onto the iconic Rio de Janeiro statue, alongside messages urging onlookers to stay at home. 

Hospital hope - UK 

A message of hope and thanks was projected on to the facade of the Ipswich Hospital, UK by projection specialists Motion Mapping. UK health workers could be seen taking photos with the projection, providing a much needed boost and show of gratitude for UK health workers. 

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