Head of Randstad in 26 places at once

Head of Randstad in 26 places at once
The CEO of Randstad has spoken personally to every one of his 28,000 employees on the day of the company’s 50th anniversary. On Saturday 2nd October, the CEO, Ben Noteboom, spoke on stage as a hologram at a record-breaking 26 parties in one day, despite their locations in 18 disparate countries across the globe.

Ben delivered his pre-recorded speech in 4 languages (English, Dutch, German and French) with subtitles in 9 languages.
Musion, creators of the Eyeliner holographic film, collaborated with a network of 16 international resellers and Randstad to create this phenomenal global celebration. 
As well as the CEO’s speech, a holographic appearance of top ranking international DJ Markus Schulz launched each party with an exclusive 2010 remix of Randstad’s corporate theme tune, “Good to Know You”. 
Facilitated by Musion, visual artists also used the Musion system to display their artworks at each of the 26 locations and will be now judged online by the 28,000 employees in attendance.
Ainsley Henn, Channel Development Manager of Musion, said: “This was the biggest and most challenging project we have taken on to date, but also the most rewarding and enjoyable…I look forward to working with more people and businesses on an international scale.”

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