HDBaseT Specifications get thumbs up from IEEE Standards Association

The HDBaseT Alliance has announced that HDBaseT Specifications 1.1.0 and 2.0 have been approved by the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board for adoption as part of the organisation's standard portfolio.

The HDBaseT standard, which is designed to simplify cabling and bolster UHD connectivity, will become IEEE 1911 standard, once the adoption process is complete.

Konstantinos Karachalios, managing director, IEEE Standards Association, said: “IEEE is dedicated to delivering robust open standards that serve as a catalyst for continued technology and market innovation.

“IEEE’s adoption of the HDBaseT technology through its consensus-driven process will help advance the move to ultra-high-definition connectivity. We are very pleased to be working with the HDBaseT Alliance and look forward to a long and productive relationship.”

Ariel Sobelman, president, HDBaseT Alliance, added: “This collaboration with the IEEE is a major milestone for HDBaseT and for the Alliance, as the IEEE is one of the leading standards organisations in the world.

“The adoption by IEEE will help enhance HDBaseT’s impact and influence in today’s connected world. We will be working together to further develop the HDBaseT technology for the benefit of HDBaseT’s and IEEE’s enormous constituency.”

The HDBaseT Alliance will continue to offer its members the HDBaseT branding and certification necessary for commercialisation of the technology.