HD is ’˜waste of money’

HD is ’˜waste of money’
Investing in HD technology could be a waste of money as viewers with poor eyesight will not be able to enjoy its benefits, according to UK optician chain, Vision Express.

Presumably in an attempt to conduct more eye-tests and sell a greater number glasses, Vision Express conducted a survey that found 60 per cent of Britons had not had an eye test in the past year. The chain then suggested that a large proportion of the population could not appreciate an HD image as they either needed glasses or a stronger prescription.

UK newspaper, the Daily Mail jumped on the study citing Vision Express’ chief executive, Bryan Magrath, on its website, Mail Online. “Most of us spend more on hair care in a week than we do on eye care in years. We’re living in a high-definition age and we should do all we can to make sure that our eyesight matches up,” Magrath was quoted as saying.

It remains to be seen whether installations of HD products drop as buyers take heed of the study.

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