Harris signage goes Greek

Harris signage goes Greek
Intelligent Media Ltd has installed the first large-scale Harris InfoCaster systems in Greece. The company operates ones of the largest signage networks in the country.

Intelligent Media is responsible for systems at three hospitals, as well as four further clinical sites across the country.

“Due to an increase in digital signage projects that we were involved with, our requirements became more complex, and our need for a single-point content management solution grew,” said Georgios Tsintzilonis, general manager of Intelligent Media Ltd. “Using InfoCaster helped us to manage our networks, but it also allowed us to deploy our networks in less time.”

The sale was handled by AMY SA, a Harris dealer in Greece. AMY Digital Video, a department within AMY SA that specialises in digital video solutions, provided the design and consultancy services for this installation. AMY Digital Video also handles the support and maintenance of the system.

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