Harman shows off gesture-based control of in-car functions

AUTHOR: Inavate

A large part of the Harman group’s business lies not in pro audio systems but in automobile technologies. The company has recently announced a Kinect-style control concept for in-car controls, which will let a driver perform various tasks using gestures detected by a dashboard-mounted infrared sensor.

The sensor watches for pre-defined facial expressions, blinks and gestures. Examples might include making a phone shape with one hand to begin a call, or blinking once or twice to skip tracks on an in car entertainment system. Moving one hand up or down could raise or lower the temperature setting on the car’s air conditioning system.

The company says that the system is intelligent enough to distinguish between deliberate and accidental gestures.

The system is at present installed in a concept car, but Harman believes it will be on the road within two or three years.