Harman Engineers have a smashing time.

AUTHOR: Inavate

A couple of myth busters fans at Harman recently decided to see just how tough Crown's I-Tech amplifiers really are. And videoed it so everyone else can see as well !

According to Harman, Crown amplifiers have a reputation for rugged dependability in the face of tough operating conditions, but a pair of Harman engineers recently thought they'd see just how much one the latest I-Tech amps could take. They set up and filmed a test to see what would happen to an amp if it was dropped heavily whilst music was playing through it. The front-panel readout showed that the amp's output suffered no rrors, and the music kept playing even as the mischievous engineers increased the height from which the suffered amp was dropped to the concrete floor.
Audio was briefly muted by an internal breaker to prevent damaging transients coming through, but the music was rapidly restored automatically each time. Sceptics can see the footage for themselves here: