Hans Zimmer European tour powered by disguise

Hans Zimmer European tour powered by disguise
Renowned composer Hans Zimmer’s European tour harnessed the disguise workflow to bring gravitas on par with the composer’s famed works.

Zimmer called upon theatrical projection designer Peter Nigrini, working with events specialist Pixway to bring the show to life through disguise-powered technology. 

To achieve a unique look and feel, live camera outputs at the show were processed and treated, enabling footage for different suites to feel aesthetically linked to the films the music originate from. 

This was achieved by colour grading the footage live in real time, as well as Notch processing to allow for live camera footage for each track to be harmonised with the colour palette of their respective films. 

Pixway achieved this by incorporating disguise’s RenderStream workflow, powered by two disguise rx real-time render nodes, as well as two vx 4 media servers to 

The RenderStream workflow had previously only been used for in-studio filming and broadcast, with Pixway using the workflow in a live concert setting for the first time. 

Nevil Jeremias, Pixway, commented: “Fewer [vx and rx] machines are much more efficient,” says Jeremias. They allow for more space behind the stage, a less complex setup, and other convenient elements for touring. Being able to use less machines just makes the setup more reliable, essentially.“Being able to offload the Notch rendering to the rx machines kept enough processing power on the vx machines for other parts of the show, such as automation and video playback. Workflow wise the processed Notch IMAGs could be used as easily as the other video inputs which sped up programming immensely. With this technology we could send all 14 cameras to the render node to process them in packs of four. Texture sharing is extremely fast and only adds a few frames to the roundtrip so it integrates seamlessly into existing environments.”

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