HabitechPro takes resi distributor into pro channels

HabitechPro takes resi distributor into pro channels
UK distributor Habitech has its sights on the pro AV channel with the launch of new digital connectivity products and recently established brand, HabitechPro.

Habitech has six years of experience within the residential custom install market but its now introducting HDBaseT products under digital connectivity focused brand, HabitechPro. It will also distribute low voltage cable, iPad mounting solutions and 100V line speakers

Daryl Brennan, business development manager at HabitechPro, is tasked with leading the company into the ommercial market.

"Our expansion into Pro AV, unified communications and commercial channels is a natural progression for Habitech," said Jonathan Pengilley, managing director of Habitech.

Brennan added: "For many years we’ve all grappled with the constraints and challenges of extending, switching and controlling HDMI over CAT5e cable. Now finally with the arrival of HDBaseT (and more recently HDBaseT Lite), this evolving standard is specifically designed from the ground up to transport and switch HDMI over a single Cat6 cable across distances up to 100m. Offering improved signal filtering to minimise electrical interference and ensure optimum performance, HDBaseT was developed to support 5Play convergence. It reliably transports uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, 10/100BaseT Ethernet, power and various control signals over a single cable."

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