Good reception for 3D audio seminar in the Middle East

Good reception for 3D audio seminar in the Middle East
Sennheiser, Dolby, Neumann and Lawo joined forces to focus on 3D audio in AR and VR applications in the Middle East with workshops in Dubai.

The full-day workshops featured sessions on capturing sound in 3D, mixing, controlling and monitoring immersive sound formats, and establishing efficient encoding workflows for optimum results. Listening sessions designed allowed attendees to hear audio content originally recorded in 3D as well as recordings upmixed using Sennheiser's algorithm.

Attendees were also introduced to 3D and object based audio formats – Ambeo by Sennheiser and Dolby Atmos respectively. According to the organisers, highlights of the day included one on ‘Mixing immersive sound formats’, conducted by Lucas Zwicker, technical product manager audio production at Lawo and a session by Dolby presented by senior content manager, Vikram Joglekar. 

Peter Van Dam, technical advisor - CEOs office at LIVE HD Broadcast Facilities, said: “For now in the region we are limited to 5.1 in TV broadcast while immersive audio in TV broadcast is not really on the agenda. Workshops like this help create awareness to the region. Having the right people to explain it in a way that everyone can understand and see the need for it, combined with the new video technology and video standards, is a very good initiative.”

Bruno Silva, one of the managers of Sound and Broadcast at Royal Opera House Muscat who also attended the workshop, said: “The more manufacturers and brands promote these events, the better are the opportunities to raise the level of education in the region among professionals that are embracing this industry because it is new to them as well. So, these are all great opportunities and I think manufacturers have the responsibility to work together with institutions, schools and venues to promote and facilitate these types of events and eventually raise expertise in the region.”