Global Integrator unveils new business and brand identity

Global Integrator unveils new business and brand identity
Formerly known as the Global Presence Alliance, but referred to throughout the industry by most by its acronym, GPA is excited to announce a rebrand and renaming of the organisation simply as “GPA”.

Inspired by the principles of the modern shared economy upon which many of the world’s fastest growing and most progressive organisations are based, 2017 saw the creation of GPA BV as a parent organisation, owned and controlled by its regional operating business units. Leveraging the scale and power of this new structure and singular organisation mindset, this enabled investments in infrastructure, process, staffing, and innovation, building the organisation’s delivery capability and in turn brand reputation tremendously.

In doing so, it became apparent that the “alliance” reference, and its implications of only limited alignment between a group of independent partners was no longer appropriate. In delivering globally, under a singular methodology, common platforms and process, and unified organisational structure and contractual entity, the GPA was indeed no longer an alliance. It truly was the world’s largest specialist meeting and collaboration technology integration company, and our brand needed to truly represent that.

“Our GPA journey is reflective of the very challenge we are supporting our customers with. Uniting regional teams; overcoming regional cultural, bureaucratic, and economic differences; all to drive innovation and organisational velocity in an ever increasingly global marketplace” suggests Byron Tarry, Managing Director of GPA. “We recognise global enterprise is demanding better from our industry and expects innovation in our approach to delivering better. I think our own journey and business model is not only inspiring to them in our commitment to be better, but also in how in applying our learning and approach we might be able to support them in achieving their own goals for better.”

“11+ years ago it was a better delivery proposition and integrated global business model that we sought to create in support of our global enterprise customer. While we had grand visions of its potential, none of us could have imagined the organisation the GPA has become.” reflects GPA Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer Julian Phillips. “With 11 years of learning, organisational evolution and maturation, and now unprecedented market need for collaboration technology at global scale, I am convinced more than ever that the GPA’s People First culture to engaging each other, our customers, and ultimately their users is not only optimal, but in fact important as we all look to build a better tomorrow!”

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