Glasses provide subtitles for life

Glasses provide subtitles for life
Glasses developed by a Danish designer utilise tiny projection engines and microphones to provide subtitles for everyday life. The device, conceived by Mads Hindhede, could be a revolutionary tool for deaf people and may find a place in the corporate environment where a record function could document meetings and presentations for review. Furthermore, combined with a translation tool the glasses could replace in-ear translation.

Hindhede says the technology behind his BabelFisk (fisk is Danish for fish) concept utilises tiny projectors from the Fraunhofer institute and a speech-to-text software, such as Dragon dictate, to transform spoken words into text before the user’s eyes.

Noise filtering software used in hearing aids will allow the device to recognise speech in the midst of white noise. Embedded controllers would convert the speech into text using video projection software from HMD technology. Software could be updated via Micro USB and the whole system would run on Li-Ion battery.

Two microphones work together to show which direction the sound is coming from.

Via Mads Hindhede