Glass speakers: look beautiful, sound?

AUTHOR: Inavate

Various technology blogs have picked up on a recent announcement from Greensound Technology, regarding its new range of glass loudspeakers. The company says that they produce omnidirectional audio (or 360 degree sound in their slightly less technical press release). Greensound claim a frequency response of 300-15,000 Hz and there’s a subwoofer unit too taking you down to 40 Hz.

Attractive they might be, with a variety of options for lighting available, but I’m not convinced about the sound quality. A decent pair of floor standing loudspeakers has a frequency response up to 50k+ Hz, and whilst 360 degree sound might make for good marketing copy, it makes for crummy acoustics. Especially in a nice reflective, shiny space like the one shown in the marketing material. Still, the inventor talks a good game.