German DJ creates a sonic tank

AUTHOR: Inavate

German DJ and fine artist Nik Nowak has created the audiophiles ultimate wet dream – the sonic tank. “Panzer” is the latest in a string of creations fusing art with music and music reproduction, which he called mobile sonic objects. A quick glance through his website, reveals a delight in creating sculptures incorporating loudspeakers.

This latest project is built on top of a mini-dump truck, and incorporates 18-inch subwoofers, four tweeters, and six 12-inch mid-range drivers adding to an output of up to 4,000 watts of acoustic power. His creation is more than mere sculpture, it actually works (well apart from the starter motor!). The first video shows him taking the Panzer for a test drive, whilst the second demonstrates the speaker rig in full effect, combined with a nice bit of projection mapping.