Genelec sound system powers immersive art experience

Genelec sound system powers immersive art experience
Genelec’s smart IP loudspeakers have been installed at the Wake the Tiger Amazement Park, an immersive art experience in Bristol, UK.

The park features 27 unique creative environments, including artwork, installations, narrative, soundscape, secret passageways and more.

The park’s immersive experience required a high-quality sound system, bringing on technical production company, AF Live, to design a custom sound system tailor made to the park’s unique requirements.

AF Live supplied Genelec 4430A and 4420A smart IP installation speakers across the park, using onboard smart IP technology for scalable power, audio and loudspeaker configuration, supervision and calibration features via a standard CAT cable.

Paul Rose, founder and director, AF Live, commented:  “Wake The Tiger was a first for AF Live and its Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) installation is both complex and unique. We required a system that was intelligent and reliable, and Genelec loudspeakers achieved both. We’ve worked with Paul Simpson and the Support Team at Audiologic for over two years. The expertise offered by Audiologic to AF Live during this project helped to ensure a seamless implementation and fostered long-lasting confidence in the Genelec product.”