Genelec pumps up atmosphere at Jacy’z Gothenburg resort

Genelec pumps up atmosphere at Jacy’z Gothenburg resort
The latest addition to the Gothenburg skyline, the Kineum building is home to the Jacy’z hotel and resort which hosts a Genelec sound system for a taste of Las Vegas sound.

Designed to bring a Nordic take on an upscale Las Vegas resort, Swedish integrator Informationsteknik were contracted to design and supply all AV and conferencing systems throughout the building, installing more than 130 Genelec 4000 series and smart IP loudspeakers.

The Genelec system was used for all public areas, restaurants, bars, lounges, conference rooms and break-out areas, as well as the 18th floor hotel suite and the gym.

In some areas, smart IP networked loudspeakers were used for the boardrooms on the fourth floor as well as the grand suite on the 18th floor.

A Biamp Tesira server with Dante and AVB support was installed for networking and control, handling all audio traffic. Nine central music players with customised soundtracks are used throughout the resort to fit different themed areas which can be routed to any of the audio zones. A scheduling program runs in the background that adjusts volume and ensures the correct source is playing in every zone.

Joakim Leissner, programmer, Informationsteknik, explained: "Music plays an important part of the ESS Group hotel experience, and at Jacy’z the intention was to elevate the experience even further.

"The demos convinced the client beyond any doubt that Genelec was the right brand to help achieve this goal."

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