Future proof partnerships for Crestron

Future proof partnerships for Crestron
Two new participants have been announced in Crestron’s Integrated Partner Programme. Polatis, the UK-based supplier of fibre optic switching products and Barix, Swiss digital audio specialists have both signed up to the scheme.

The partnership will allow each company as well as system designers to integrate their products fully with Crestron’s control platforms.

Speaking on behalf of Polatis, the company’s Vice President of Marketing, Aaron Bent said: “As bandwidths keep increasing, optical switches will become and integral and future-proof part of Professional AV’s development, and users can implement this exciting technology within their current automation and control systems.”

For Barix, Johannes Rietschel, CEO and Founder commented: “The robust control platform from Crestron is a perfect companion to cost-effectively control Barix’ IP based Audio delivery components to stream audio between rooms, to servers or to another continent.”

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