Funding drives Pufferfish to best performing year ever

Funding drives Pufferfish to best performing year ever
Pufferfish, a manufacturer of proprietary spherical displays for immersive experiences, has enjoyed its most successful year ever, using a funding injection secured in late 2022 to build business growth and new product development plans.

Compared to the previous financial year, sales in 2022/23 increased by 43%, with 67% revenue growth.

All areas of the business exceeded the transformational growth targets set by its chief executive, Elaine Van Der Berg, when she took the helm in May 2022. She said: “The last financial year has been a high point for Pufferfish, with the best performance the business has ever recorded. Not only have we recharged the balance sheet, but we have also enhanced the management team, our product range, and our sales and marketing functions. As a result, the team has surpassed the ambitious targets we set, achieving stellar results. 

“Our aim is to ‘transcend the ordinary’, and this applies just as much to our business as it does to our customer solutions. We set our team a huge challenge, and they more than stepped up to the mark.”

Securing a range of new customer commissions contributed to the success of the business, including contracts with a Saudi-based airline, a US-based global cruise line, and a creative agency which purchased Pufferfish’s largest display yet, the PufferGrand, for its customer, one of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies. 


image: PufferSphere at Brno Observatory and Planetarium Czech Republic

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