FundamentalVR expands into ophthalmology

FundamentalVR, developers of immersive VR surgical simulations, has expanded its capabilities to include ophthalmology, allowing medical device and life science companies to improve the way they bring new tools and procedures to market. Already established in orthopedics, its new capabilities were developed through a global collaboration with international eye charity, Orbis Flying Eye Hospital.

An established player in surgical education, FundamentalVR simulations are delivered through its Fundamental Surgery platform that allows users to experience the same sights, sounds, and feelings they would in a real OR. Combining HapticVR technology with high fidelity graphics, proven accredited educational strategies, and data analytics, Fundamental Surgery lets users to acquire both the technical knowledge and the muscle memory essential in developing surgical skills.  

Using readily available off-the-shelf, portable VR equipment rather than specialized machinery requiring large investments and dedicated labs, Fundamental Surgery is scaleable software at a lower cost of cadaver or wet lab training. 

Simulations covering various ophthalmology procedures can be created featuring a range human tissue interactions essential for learning. These interactions include incisions, trocar placement, scleral tissue manipulation, lens manipulation, lens implant insertion, posterior chamber manipulations, bimanual manipulation of the eyeball, and subretinal injections.  

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