Fraunhofer slashes bandwidth requirements for telecollaboration

Fraunhofer slashes bandwidth requirements for telecollaboration
The Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics (FKIE) has developed an AR/VR system for remote engineers to advise on maintenance and repair. Teleconferencing solutions are increasingly used to provide expertise from remote locations but the Fraunhofer ErGAT prototype is designed for use when data connections are restricted. The institute believes the solution will speed up repair and ultimately save companies money.

AR tracking is used to record and transmit machine parts from a technician’s viewpoint. The remote expert uses machine part identification numbers to generate a virtual display of the scenario.

Fraunhofer says the data required to achieve this is very small and claims it can be handled by a narrow-band mobile radio link or over a wireless connection.

“The expert uses the virtual display and transmits advice and spatially referenced servicing instructions to the technician,” the institute claims. “The AR system at the technician’s end is able to embed the information into the real view so that the technician can see how the repair should be carried out.”

Fraunhofer FKIE has developed a prototype solution with what it describes as basic functionality. It aims to design a highly mobile system that could used with smartphones.

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