Fraunhofer IPMS scanning development paves way for laser pico-projectors

Fraunhofer IPMS developments in scanning mirrors for light deflection have successfully been channelled to demonstrate laser pico-projection at SID DisplayWeek, May 23 to 25, 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. The "laser beam steering" approach uses a brightness controlled laser beam, directed by a single miniaturised scanning mirror over the projection surface fast enough to generate an image which appears cohesive to the human eye.

The institute says that the Pico-projectors with a SVGA resolution (800 × 600) and higher can be easily accomplished.

Furthermore, as no projection optics are necessary, the result is always a sharp image, regardless of the distance between the projector and the screen. 

Additionally, curved projection surfaces, such as those found in cars with head-up displays, do not pose a problem for the Fraunhofer technology.