Flip-Disc reinvents 50-year-old display system

A New York design company has reinvented a flip disc display concept from the 1960s with a customisable system that features a 3D time-of-flight camera that offers interactivity. Breakfast, the developer, says kinetic displays are an attractive alternative to LED screens as it unveils its Flip-Disc Display system.

The modular system incorporates 784 small plastic discs, which flip between two coloured sides at close to 30 frames per second, within a 17-in by 17-in tile. The tiles can be arranged into any shape or size and discs can be customised with specific colours.

An App, which includes a content scheduler, allows easy control of the system with Breakfast claiming ‘out-of-the-box’ operation. Breakfast also offers an API for further control options of the screen and camera.