Find your dream home with AR

Find your dream home with AR
Property website has a launched an augmented reality (AR) app that allows users to find details about a prospective home by pointing a smartphone camera at it. Even if the house isn't for sale, users will see relevant details from the website's database using the The Sign Snap and Street Peek features on the Android app.

The Sign Snap feature, uses image recognition technologies, as well as the smartphone's camera and GPS capabilities. Users can snap a photo of a for-sale or for-rent sign they are near and the Sign Snap feature will search the entire property database. They can view related information for that property such as photos, property details, price data, open house dates and more.

This spring 2017, will roll out the Street Peek feature, which lets users pan a street and, via AR, instantaneously see property details about homes on that street and in the database whether or not they are for sale. Simply frame a home or group of homes with the smartphone's camera and experience a real world view of the environment with information overlays from the database.

Information such as the listing or rental price, the recently sold price, estimated value, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms will be available on the framed properties. Users can tilt the screen to view a map of the neighborhood and access additional perspective on what's nearby, or tap the displayed info card to obtain more details. Filtering options let users locate specific property types, and users will be able to search their history of street photos and listings previously viewed.

iOS availability is scheduled to follow.