FIFA stops play for holographic World Cup

AUTHOR: Inavate

Sony life-size holograms will not be heading to football stadiums across the world as Japan looses out to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. The Japanese electronics company had supported its country’s bid with a promise that it would transform stadiums in a number of countries into giant screens for life-size holograms. The technology, called Full Court 3D Vision, would have shown World Cup matches in real time.

But, FIFA chiefs weren’t suitably impressed by technology pledge and handed the event to Qatar.

Japan suggested they wouldn’t merely host the World Cup but would act as a partner to turn 400 stadiums around the world into virtual pitches where life-size holograms would play out the matches in real time.

Hundreds of cameras would have been employed to capture the action and the company said it would use 60 to 100 million pixels of resolution to create the 3D effect.