FBT speakers power audio experience at Cracker Zac’s

FBT speakers power audio experience at Cracker Zac’s
Cracker Zac’s, an entertainment space for over 21s in Johannesburg, selected FBT loudspeakers to bring a punchy audio experience to the venue.

Boasting a tenpin bowling alley, augmented reality darts and a retro arcade inside its bar space, Get Connected was brought on board to specify an FBT speaker solution for the venue’s audio system.

The system had to be punchy enough for use as a background music system by day and deliver a powerful audio experience by night.

FBT’s J8A active speakers were specified for this job, using custom-made brackets to hang the speakers from the ceiling. The brackets allowed the speakers to be installed at specified heights, achieving the venue’s high frequency requirements without using large products.

FBT’s Subline 115SA active subs were also used for enhanced bass, hung from the ceiling using custom-built brackets to keep the floor area free of obstruction.

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