FBT opens demonstration hall

FBT opens demonstration hall
FBT has opened a demonstration facility in Recanati, Italy to showcase its range of loudspeakers.

The hall will host demonstrations of products including FBT’s line arrays and systems for installed sound – including its Archon series - to clients. Product testing will also take place at the facility.

The centre will further serve as the main centre of FBT’s technical education programme, and host seminars for domestic and international visitors.

Other resident systems will include line array models Muse, Mitus, Modus, QA and QSA; alongside column arrays such as CLA, DLA, and MLA; and loudspeakers such as the X, J, EvoMaxX, ProMaxX, HiMaxX, Verve, Mitus and all-weather Shadow IP55 model. Subwoofers on display will include the SubLine, Mitus and QSA, with StageMaxX, Verve, and Mitus monitors also available.

Demonstrations will be available on request by technical experts and product specialists.

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