FBT Audio (UK) brings Apex CloudPower to UK and Ireland

FBT Audio (UK) brings Apex CloudPower to UK and Ireland
The CloudPower series of amplifiers from Apex are set to arrive in the UK and Ireland with the appointment of FBT Audio (UK) as the range’s exclusive distributor.

image: Mike Roisetter and Mark Parkhouse with the CloudPower amplifier

Effective June 1 2021, the agreement comes as FBT Audio (UK) continues to experience growth in its commercial audio division – a trend that has continued over recent years despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apex CloudPower amplifiers were launched towards the end of 2020. Each model is designed to promote ease of browser-based operation via the cloud. They also deliver measurable reductions in distortion for improved audio performance courtesy of GlidePath architecture, which integrates the amplifier and DSP circuits.

The range comprises four Class-D models – the 4 x 350W CP354, 4 x 700W CP704, 4 x 1500W CP1504 and 4 x 3000W CP3004. 

Each is lightweight and compact at just 1U and can run in low impedance down to 2Ω or 70/100v line configuration. Also on board is DSP plus a built-in WiFi hotspot for simple setup, control and monitoring either locally using any HTML5 capable browser (Mac, PC, iOS or Android), or off-site using the built-in LAN connection.


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