eyevis UK credits demo centre with £3m of new business

eyevis UK credits demo centre with £3m of new business
Eyevis UK says its demonstration centre in the northwest of the UK has netted £3 million (approximately €3.4 million) of new business and announces a second venue in London.

The North West demonstration venue was launched at the Business First Burnley Business Centre in 2016 to demonstrate eyevis technology to potential customers.

Steve Murphy, managing director of eyevis UK, [pictured right] said that more than 300Steve-Murphy-eyevis uk representatives from a range of national sectors, including national and regional government, security, police, security, transport, facilities management and broadcast had visited the venue. He added that it had also hosted a number of open days.

“As well as being directly responsible for £3million of new business, the venue has also provided a boost for the local economy in terms of the overnight accommodation, food providers and transport that many of our visitors have utilised,” he said.

Products on show include eyeUnify wall management software, Netpix video wall controllers, Infinity network distributed display wall feature, eyevis UK industrial LCDs and eyevis LED illuminated rear projection technology. 

The venue is operated on an appointment basis and clients can provide details of the issues they face in advance.

Murphy said: “Control rooms and video walls are used in a wide variety of applications, such as traffic control, transportation, energy plants, aerospace, airports, water and sewage plants, public utilities, emergency services and data centres. 

“Our demonstration venue provides the opportunity to see eyevis technology in action and learn how it can help make any operation in any sector more efficient and provide operational staff with a real-time overview.” 

Eyevis UK has also just launched a new London demonstration venue at Woburn Place, near Euston Station. 

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